Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution of Britain

Postitve Effects of the Industrial Revolution Hello, recently our country has just gotten out of The Industrial Revolution. Many of you have different opinions about this revolution and feel like these past decades have been a horrible time for the people of England. However I strongly disagree. I argue that the Industrial Revolution has had a positive effect on England. I believe this because of the textile changes, the increase in population, and the agricultural improvements. Before the Industrial Revolution had started the textile industry was rather weak and not very good. It was done in homes and wasn’t a full time job. Recently the introduction of “Spinning Jenny”, invented by James Hargreaves, changed everything. This new machine spun cloth dozens of times faster than the old hand spun techniques. These great improvements in the textile industry employed tons of new workers and created many new jobs. It also has a huge impact in the starting and beginning of factories( Montagna). The thought of all the factories and how dirty and nasty they are makes you often believe and assume that the death rate must have gone up however this is not the case. During the Industrial Revolution the population increased like never before and is still increasing to this day. Reasons for this are because of a decline in death rate and increased birthrate, and increase in food production. The decline in the death rate was going down because of the primary reason of the people were eating healthier food. The birth rate was increasing since the children are working at such a young age in factories it allowed the kids to marry at a younger age producing more children (Montagna). Food production was also rising due to the many new improvements in the agricultural industries. As I just mentioned, during the Industrial Revolution improvements in the agricultural improvements is great. Improvements such as new equipment made from metal instead of wood allowed famers to work at a much faster rate than before(Montagna). Also these farmers have improved their farming techniques, which also allowed food to be produced faster. With these improvements within the agricultural industries it produced food for the workers in the factories which helped the factory workers live longer as I just said. The Industrial Revolution has had a very good positive effect on England. The improvements and new ideas in the Textile Industry helped employ thousands and helped create factories which are still being used today. The population is also increasing due to the Industrial Revolution. People were and still are living longer than ever before. Also improvements in the agricultural area and new farming techniques have helped supply food for the workers in the factories. I feel that because of The Industrial Revolution many great new improvements in the textile industry, have increased the overall population, and new agricultural ideas have helped make England a better overall country.

Negative Effects of the Industrial RevolutionIntro paragraph With all the factories being built pollution became a huge issue during the Industrial Revolution. When all the factories were built they would release hydrocarbon fuels into the air, which caused the air and water pollution to increase. Polluted water and air made it harder for everyone to breath and harder for everyone to find a clean water source. Also factories create smog from all the fumes it would release out into the air. Smog is a combination of smoke and fog and made the air very hard to breathe in. Nearby rivers are used as dumps for human and industrial waste which is also helping in contributing in polluting the air and water. Child labor has also had a major effect on England. Whole families come to the cities for a better life but most were disappointed when they got there. Since pay for working in the factories is so low the entire family is forced to work in the factories. Children as young as three years old are required to work in the factories and will sometimes even work ten to fourteen hours a day. In the factories the conditions of it are harsh and unsafe. A lot of times children would die from working on the big heavy and dangerous machinery or they will lose a finger or get major cuts on their bodies from it. The Industrial Revolution is having a lot of effect on urbanization. It is having a big effect on it because the cities were becoming over populated because everybody was moving to the cities to get a job and to live a better life. There are people coming from all over which means there are a bunch of different religions and beliefs and this created religious tension between everybody. Death rates in the cities grew higher because with all the people more diseases were being passed around is also spread because of the poor sanitation. Everyday children and adults die from working in the factories or they are getting sick from all the air and water pollution and diseases that are being spared. I argue that the Industrial Revolution has a negative effect on England because of pollution, child labor, and urbanization.

Recommandation for Changes Having researched many aspects of the Industrial Revolution, we have come to the conclusion that the overall effect has been both positive and negative. We have come up with several recommendations for how the government should respond to these effects. Two of the negative problems that have occurred are the child labor and the pollution, and the one positive aspect of it is the transportation. Child labor is wrong and should not be allowed. The children are young and don’t fully understand what’s going on. They are also no mature enough to work with dangerous equipment. Adults are more understanding to what is going on and also are mature to know what to do and what not to do. The attention span of a child is not very long; they want to do other things then just one thing for many hours. The pollution in the area is also very bad and should be controlled. To do so, the source of energy used should be cleaner to the environment. The coal that is being used to make the steam may seem like a good solution but it is still harmful to the environment. There are other things that are causing pollution too, in environment like how people throw stuff carelessly around. More disposal sites should be put out and to regulate what is being bumped or burned. The transportation that has evolved from the Revolution is astounding. When having a well-developed transportation unit you can get more trade. By building this “industry” more, it will not only help the trade but also the area. To be able to build it up there needs to be a fund put away, in the government for transportation, to keep it running. Those are a few of the things in the government that could be changed and others that can stay the same that could make it better. There should not be child labor instead only have adult labors. Pollution should lessen by regulation of use and disposal. Transportation is good but can be supported better to help trade and income. By making theses changes Britain can have a better life.Lydia Shaffer

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Two boys are working in a factory. They work 12 hours a day and make hardly anything.

A new form of transportation recently invented has been the steam engine. The impact of the steam engine changed dramatically on how people get from one place to another.

A young girl is working in a factory all day.

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