Industrial Revolution Project

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Industrial Revolution Project

Hiram Stevens Maxim was born on February 5, 1840 in Sangerville, Maine USA

By: Madison Gallagher and Vanessa Ramos


At age 41 Maxim moved to the United Kingdom.He remained an American until he became a naturalized British subject in 1900.

Interesting Facts

Maxim invented the mouse trap, hair curling irons, and steam pumps.He laid claim to invented the "light bulb" and he even experimented with powered flight.

Other inventions

Hiram Maxim

The Machine Gun was used for miliraty puropses. The military benefited from it by killing people faster and making reloading faster.

Madness Machine Guns

cost:1st model goes for 85,000- is a hand machine2nd model goes for 100,000- is a machine gun on a tank

A happy customor:"I dont know what I would do with ourt my machine gun, now when Im in battle Ican kill 5 guy at once."- General Ramos

Our company is located on a private military base in Austin Texas.

"We put the machine in guns"


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