Industrial Revolution in America

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Social Studies
American History

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Industrial Revolution in America

1844Samuel Morse, telegraph

Industrial Revolution in America

IMPORTANT PEOPLEJ.P. Morgan Thomas EdisonJohn D. RockefellerAndrew CarnegieHenry Ford

lasting between the 1870s and the first half of the 20th century saw the development of standardized production processes and mechanized assembly lines, reducing work to simple steps, produces products for consumers based on technological advances

Causes-Abundant natural resources-Growing workforce due to immigration-Capitalism encourages entrepreneurs-Government policies encourage free enterprise

1846Elias Howe, Sewing machine

1866Alfred Nobel, dynamite

1876Alexander Graham, patented telephone

1883Brooklyn Bridge

1862Richard Gatling, patents machine gun

1855Henry Bessemer, Bessemer method

1870Louis Pasteur, vaccines for dieses

1879Thomas Edison, light bulb

1867Christopher Scholes, modern typewriter

Effects-Urbanization-Large middle class-Productive factories-Transportation, communication and farming

Gilded Age Coined by Mark Twain, indicated corruption, profiteering, and false glitter during the second industrial revolution


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