Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution

Who was involved?

British inventors, samuel slater, factory owners & workers

New machines transformed the textile industry

What did the revolution do?

Mid 1700's - 1850's

When was the topic used?

North the climate and soil were not good for agriculture- so trade and businesses and cities had devoloped.

Where did the topic have the most impact?

why is the topic inportant and have to be in the history book?

Machines replaced hand tools, steams and other new resourcesof power rplaced human and animal power.

How did the topic change American life

Child Labor(little kids small enough to squeeze around large machines.)

What did the topic look like?

Long Hours(12 hours a day-6days week)As industries (&competition grew, employers did not always care about the welfare of their workers)

Home Life: Women working in poorer families).

Urbanization-movement of the people from towns to cities.

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