Indus Valley

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Indus Valley


Done by: Leroy, Hamzah, Nina, Hafizah of 2/7

View of Indus Valley

Small scale map of area

Large scale map of area

An important civilisation was formed on the Indus Valley plain c. 3000 BCE. It is spread over the northwest region of the Indian Subcontinent. The settlement was mostly found along the Indus River and surrounding areas as there is availability of water from the river, as well as the fertility of the soil there enable crops to be grown. As centuries go by, the way they live their lives improve with technology. The Indus people learn how to build dams to control and redirect the water flowing from the Indus River. This was done so as to be able to minimize damage caused by overflowing of water, and also to water their crops. They built The Great Bath, Mohenjo-Daro, which was used for religious baths back then. As remains of these cities were found by the river, they named the first Indian civilisation ‘Indus Valley Civilisation’.

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