The Indus Valley (Assignment), World & Ancient History

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The Indus Valley (Assignment), World & Ancient History

The Indus Valley started in about 2500 B.C.E. and ended in about 1750 B.C.E.Advanced Cities- they traded gold and silver and crafted jewelry out of stones. They provided excellent means of transportation for trading. It began in 26oo B.C. and continued until 1800 B.C.Specialized Workers- early engineers crafted clever pluming and sewage systems. Specialized workers also included traders, farmers, and artisans.Complex Institutions- included writing, money, language, and religion.Record Keeping- used writing as a way to keep records. The Indus people were the only people that could read what they had written.Improved Technology- crafted a complex pluming and sewege system. They constructed human made islands to raise their cities above the flood waters.



Vocabulary Words

1) Monsoon- seasonal winds that dominate Indias climate.2) Harappan Civilization- also known as the Indus Valley because of all the archeaological discoveries.3) Subcontinent- a wall of the highest mountains that separates a region from the rest of the continent.

The area that is green is fertile because the Indus River flows through it and makes farming possible.


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