Indus Valley Timeline

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Indus Valley Timeline

1500BCE The Aryans Invade:Finally the area was invaded by the people known as Aryans, who brought with them a new way of life. This was a large migration and used to be seen as an invation.

The End Of A Civilization:From around 1800BCE, the Indus valley civilization began to collapse, no one is really sure why this really happened.The people may have ruined their farmland by growing ro many crops and cutting down to many trees. There may have been quarrels between cities, or a disaster, such as a flood.

Indus Writing:Writing was done using a pointed stick in soft clay, or with a sharp tool to scratch marks on stone or metal. It is likely that only that few people could read and write like scribes. The Indus civilization had a writing which today still remains a mystery; all attempts to decipher it have failed. This is one of the reasons why the Indus valley civilization is one of the least known of the important early civilizations of antiquity.

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Origin:Indus valley civilization started by a nomadic tribe called Dravidians. They crossed over the Himalayas and settled down near modern day Karachi. A very important part of the culture were cities. They were among the first civilizations to build cities. Some of the first cities they made were called Harappa and Mohenjo-daro. While the origins of the Indus valley can be traced to much earlier periods, the specific events that led to its rise remains obscur in the part because its writing remains undeciphered.


3600 BCE




1500BCE: The Aryans- Nomadic northerners from Central Asia, begin to migrate to Indus Valley

2600BCE: Dozens of cities are established in the Indus Valley

3000BCE: First signs of urbanization in the Indus Valley

2500BCE: Earliest use of Indus script


3300BCE: Farmers build villages in the Indus Valley

2650BCE: Mohenjodaro is flourishing

2600BCE: The indus farmers plough on their fields

1900BCE: The Indus civilzation begin to decline

2350BCE: Indus Valley traders travel to Mesopotamia and other lands

1500BCE: The Indus Valley civilzation is over

3000-2600BCE: Rise of the great Indian cities of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa

6500 - 5000BCE: Early food producing era. There were also found evidence of ealry religious practices in Indus Valley.

3500BCE: Farmers settle in the Indus Valley

3500 BCE