Indus Valley Civilization

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Indus Valley Civilization

Indus Valley



Ghaggar River(India)&Hakra Channel(Pakistan)


The Indus Valley Civilization evolved during the Bronze Age. The date for their existance was 2500BCE-1500BCE

Characteristics of a Civilization:

Advanced Cities: ex.) Harappa*they systems were layed out in a grid system.*cities had plumbing and sewage systems.*cities had strong central governments.

Specialized Workers:ex.) Traders*people knew how to grow cotton so cloth was desirable.*Indus River was a trade route and was a link to the sea.*Traded with the Mesopotamians

Complex Institutions:ex.) Religion*Indus Civilization religion linked to current/modern Hindu culture*they drew figures of the major Hindu god, Shiva. *What they believed and drew became apart of the modern Indian civilization

Record Keeping:ex.) Written Language*language was not easily deciphered.*wasn't used to keep and records of any we know.*drew a parallel to Mesopotamian cuneiform

Improved Technology:ex.) Plumbing System*toilets were built out of brick and had wooden seats. *pipes connected to each house and carrried the wastewater out into the streets and into sewage pits.

Fun Facts:*Harappan Civilization: another name for Indus Valley*Monsoon: seasonal winds*Subcontinent: lard landmass that forms a distant part of a continent


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