Indus Valley Civiilisation - Ancient India

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Indus Valley Civiilisation - Ancient India

Indus Valley Civilization

2. System of record keeping. Indus Valley people had a written language. However, we have not translated their language. As a result, we know little about Indus Valley civilization and must rely on archeological evidence to draw conclusions.

Located on the Indus River Valley in modern day Pakistan and India.


1. Agricultural surpluses permitted significant specialization of labor.

3. Cities: The twin capitals of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa were well-planned cities with organized brick-walled homes, underground drainage systems, and other advances.

The well-planned cities tell us that there was an organized government.

4. Complex Institutions

Indus Valley people were polytheistic. Statues of a mother goddess as well as other dieties have been discovered. No temples have been found, but it is believed that the Great Bath has religious significance.

5. Long-Distance Trade:There is evidence that the Indus Valley people had trade with lands as distant as Mesopotamia and China.

6. Social Hierarchy: While we don't know much about the social structure, we know there were different social classes because there were homes were different sizes. Historians speculate that the social structure was similar to other river valley civilizations


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