Indus Civilisation

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Indus Civilisation

Citadel:- A citadel is a barrier of a civilization to protect it from invasions and natural disasters. A citadel can also include a fortress at the top of the city.

- Cities and towns were well planned ; people will be able to live comfortably as there were private or public wells, bathing places, drains and reservoirs.- It was a centralised state (to come together and discuss)

Indus Civilisation :Government & Control

Drainage System

-They had large and complex hill citadels, housing palaces, granaries, and baths that were probably used for sacred ablutions

Efficient Government


Drainage System:-Very well-maintained-These drains were covered with bricks slab- This elaborate drainage system shows that the Indus Civilisation people were fully conversant with the principles of health and sanitation.

Watch a Indus Civilisation Video here below! ^_^

The Great Bath:-The walls of the pool were made of burnt bricks laid on edge, which made the pool watertight.- Periodic cleaning of the pool was done by draining off the used water into a big drain.-The bathing pool is 39 feet long, 28 feet wide and 8 feet.

The Great Bath

Town Planning

Town Planning:- The main streets and roads were paved in a straight line.- Most of these roads and streets were paved with fire brunt bricks-Houses of various sizes stood steadily along the other side of the pavement.


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