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Steam Engine

The first Iron bridgewas invented in 1779 by Abraham Darby III. Now since then,the bridges have changed dramatically. They are much safer and more sturdy. This brought good indusrtialization to the table because they were a lot stronger bridges and more trucks and cars could travel across it. The negative impact it had on industrialization was that it was really expensive.

Many things have changed over the years. It can harvestmany crops much faster now. It made huge impacts on society now that we can harvest much quicker. But the negative impact was the uneployment



Iron truss bridges

This has made boats and river traveling much faster. It also made trains a lot more efficent. The postive impact this had on society was trains and boats could now travel much faster to places. The negative impact on society was pollution and child labor.

invented by:Thomas Savery

Inventionsmeachanical reaper = Cyrus McCormicktelegraphy = Samuel Morse

So many things have changed when it comes to telegraphy. They have upgraded the dynamics so much since back then. It can reach more places. Therefore has longer distance communication. This has impacted society tremendously now that we have this. The only negative about this is that it required morse code and was slower.



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