[2015] jacob ligertwood (Year 9 2015): Indonesian people group template

by Kercintaan
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Social Studies

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[2015] jacob ligertwood (Year 9 2015): Indonesian people group template

this is my people the Maori people of new zealand

the Maroi people have three main cultures Mana meaningPower presting or athouity.Tapu - Sacred, untouchable or under spiritual or religious protection, and Ahi kaa - Cooking fires. Continued occupation of an area of landthe language they speak is English and Maroi. They have two main religions Christanity and Maroi religions.Most of thses peoples art is showed on their bodies.

New Zeland contributes peace in our society, and it's well known for it's well developed cilvilization. They are also know their reat kiwi invetions. like Referee whistle made by William atack which is well known all over the world.



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