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travelogue25 September:We have been in Indonesia for 3 weeks now. It was a very beautiful time on Sumatra and it was the last weeks really hot. We have enjoyed every day. The children that live in Indonesia are very beautiful. Throughout the days we enjoyed the weather (round the 30 degrees) and we made trips. We wanted to see everything! We went to the virgin forest of Sumatra on Tuesday 10 September. We were walking in the virgin forest when suddenly a Tiger stood in front of us. We were shocked. Marleen screamed and I cried. Luckily we had a guide with us! Pfieew…Last few weeks we went to different sights. One week ago we walked at the biggest lake of South-East Asia. The lake Toba. It was a great experience! We did a lot of funny things on Sumatra. :)Yesterday we flew to Jakarta. We arrived and saw a lot of new things here on Java. It is too bad that we are not on Sumatra but we love changes and we love Jakarta also. We are in a hotel on Jakarta now. Yesterday we did nothing because we were tired from the trip. We are curious to the next 3 weeks. We will keep you certainly up to date!Sampai waktu berikutnya, haiyaa Christina dan Marleen! :)


Animals and flowers:The Rafflesia arnoldij is the largest flower on earth. This flower grows at Sumatra, a big island from Indonesia.In Indonesia are many animals, for example the tiger, rhnoceros, orangutan, elephant and leopard. That’s because of the tropical environment and the many islands over there.

Sights Indonesia:Mount Bromo, a vulcano at the Indonesian island Java is very popular. Tourists can visit the edge of the crater in the middle of the night to see the sunrise in the middle of the wonderful landscape. The Lake Toba is the largest lake in Southeast Asia. You can find this lake in the province North Sumatra. Located in the middle of this lake is a peninsula. It’s very populair for tourists. At the peninsula are a few little villages. The people who live in the villages give everyday a dance show for the tourists. There are al lot of temples on Bali and there is a wonderful rainforest at Sumatra.

General information Indonesia:Indonesia is in the middle of tropical sea. There are beaches, sand dunes, mangroves and coral reefs, there are also sea grass beds, coastal muflats and estuaries.Indonesia is the largest island state in the world. There are more than 17.500 islands in Indonesia. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta.



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