Individual project "My ideal house"

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Individual project "My ideal house"

''My house is my castle.''

MY IDEAL HOUSEClick the green button to see an example of a video.

2. Select pictures from the internet to ilustrate the outside and the inside of your ideal house. Save all the pictures in a file in your computer.

Dear 7th form students, this week and the next one you are going be involved into an individual project that suposes creating an online poster. You will have to do some tasks on the project. Just read and follow my instructions.

1. Take time to explore the possibilities offered by these five wonderful online tools: Glogster, Padlet, Pinterest, Listly andThingLink. Choose one to create your own online poster similar to the one I have created for you with the title "MY IDEAL HOUSE" then post the link below, as a comment to this post. All these tools are online spaces to create an individual or a collaborative, digital word walls. It allows users to create sticky notes that can include text, images, links and videos.

3. Use pictures, add texts and produce a short video about your dream house. Use all this staff to create an online poster  describing your ideal house. Your poster should include information about: 1. House location with at least 2 reasons to explain your choice. 2. Outside description of the house:a) Design; b) Materials used; c) Advantages and disadvantages of this type of house;d) Outside space (space around the house). 3. Inside description of the house (rooms and their position).



4. These online instruments may help you to create your video: * Animoto (see the Tutorial HERE);* Picovico (see the Tutorial HERE); * Stupeflix (see the Tutorial HERE); * Photopeach (see the Tutorial HERE); * Slidestory (see the Tutorial HERE). Insert your video on the online poster.



HERE ARE THE CRITERIA THAT WILL BE USED TO EVALUATE YOUR ONLINE POSTER Evaluation criteria:  Content (12points);  Design (25points); Oral presentation (12points).Extrapoints: 1p. - for originality Total score: 50points



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