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The Device is organized by your personal liking.

Three different lenses are used to get the perfect photo.

This Electronic is indestructible. When you FaceTime a person, you can reach through the screen and touch the person in the screen

Don't worry about finding a computer to type your paper. With a klick of a button, a sliding key board comes straight out of the device.

This new computer is called "Indigo." This device is portable and unbreakable. The technology is shaped like a iPad but, is used like a computer and an iPad. This can be used for school, work, games, entertainment, and so many other purposes. This masterpiece has three lenses for the perfect photo. When you FaceTime someone you can travel through the electronic and actually "reach" the person in your screen. Indigo has a life long battery so, you don't have to charge it. This device can be used anywhere at any time.


Indigo has a never-ending battery!

Voice recognition technology. The computer will type when it hears your voice

Has a emergency response system. It can tell if you are in trouble and need Assistance.

"Coolest technology of the summer"- Audrey Kelly


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