Indigenous People of Australia

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Indigenous People of Australia

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The White Australian government enacted and enforced the removal polocies that continues to effect the aborigines today.

The traditional music of indigenous Australians hold a lot of meaning to their culture. Music is used to throughout and aboriginal's life to teach about their culture, their place in it, and its place in nature and super nature. Music and dance is often used as a form of communication.

The Aborigines are Australian natives that have been living there for thousand of years. The word Aborigine comes from the latin word meaning, from the beginning.


Indigenous People of Australia


"Dreamtime" is their belief. Desctibes a mystical time when the aborginal people estalished their world. Dreamtime explains the orgins of the people and the lands. Dreeamtime includes the stories of how things have happened.


Europeans stole aboriginal land and killed thousands of aborigines. In 1770, there were about 300,000 aborigines, now there are 120,000.




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