Indie Music History

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Indie Music History

First the term 'Indie' refers to two things in the music industry. The first is a alternative plateform called 'Indie label' which was used as a stepping stone for artist to get to a major label, though now it's independence causes some artist to stick with that plateform. The other term for 'indie' is the music style that originated in the United Kingdom in the 1980's.Where it was refered to as post punk era and a type of alernative rock. Starting from the C86 movement.

Indie Music History

Indie music covered a divers range of subgenre's like indie pop, jangle pop, lo-fi and paisley undergound. As back then the term was used to catagorise these subgenre's before making it's own sound recognised as it is today. The meaning and true value of indie is to be independent in style or/and choice of subgenre that can be seperate from commercial music. It was also brandeed with the saying of (do it yourself) DIY sort of approach.

Hipster style and vintage look are often associated with indie music as it too is different from the main style of fashion and is seen as alternate choice.

Indie music started out in the 1980's as differentiating it self from the label term and establishing it's own sound that was then cast off as post-punk, like artist and bands such as 'The Housemartins', 'The La's' and '10,000 Maniacs'. In the 1990's the alternate indie music lost the meaning of being alternate as it became popular enough to have entered mainstream music as it started becoming commercialised resulting in lose of small scale political stances it had in the 80's, as bands ad artist such as 'Nirvana', 'Oasis' and 'Green Day' appeared. In the 2000's indie music used the commercial use to stay mainstream by taking advantage of new digital technology like web 2.0 and it's global audiance to get bands artist known using synergy and techological convergence to survive and not die out like passing trend.

Genre specification


Arctic Monkeys is a classic example of Indie Rock

I included the 'The Killers-mr brightside' video because it represents the original subgenre of indie which is indie rock which was and still popular in college radio's where alternative music started. Then i included both 'Ellie Goulding- light' and 'Rachel Platten- fight song' as a subgenre of indie pop and how different there sound is but because indie music is so diverse they still get catagorised as the same subgenre.


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