India's Population

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India's Population

The Crisis of India's Vast Population growth

I took this picture (above) on a holiday in India, and the conditions are truly shocking. When walking the alleys of Delhi, it's hard to avoid the poverty; the starving women and children, the rubbish sourounding everyone. I personally was shocked by the amount of rubbish and air pollution, once it got dark everybody would find whatever they could to burn, they were so cold they burned everything from plastic wrappers to meltal cutlery.It was truly shocking. The picture shows many homeless men lining up for cheap meals, the lack of women who are the hidden victims of India's population.

What factors contribute to population growth in India?According to the average Indian earns maximum $1 US dollar every day, and about 130 million people are unemployed.1) The parents of India plan on having more children because more children means more helping hands that can earn money, this simply makes the unemployment rate higher because the working age group in India begins at a very young age, which creates a larger workforce, due to this India suffers from an neverending vicious cycle. 2) Due to the lack of medical facilities and other life sources such as food and water, the parents cannot assume that the child will not survive.3) Shobha De said, “God said ‘go forth and produce’ and we did exactly that." The religion behind India is very culturally prosperous and has a long history, but Indias religion concentrates on young planned marriages by the parents, daughters are often married to an older man by the age of 15, the daughters are demanded as soon as physically possible to produce chldren, if the first child is not male then the newly wedded daughter is demanded to have another baby. To have a son in India culturally shows strength, good luck, and power. These early marriages give the wife her a significant longer time period to produce children this leads to more and more children.4) In the past Indias fertility rate has been one of the highest in the world, but in recent years it has drastically dropped down to 2.5% but in 1980 it was as high as 6. This is drop in fertility has most likely been caused by the modernisation from the Western World, the younger generations are detaching themselves from the traditions of India, this shows a sign of improvement in india’s population crisis. But unfortunstely this leads to an ever-growing population.5) The lack of sexual protection also plays a role in the high fertility rate, not only loving sexuall encounters but also rape very often lead to pregnancies. According to the wall street journal India's rape rate for 2011 is 31.4 per 100.000 citizens this is very high, the majority of these rapes are unprotected and lead to pregnancies. Due to poverty and religious beliefs the men of India do not see it necessary to have protected sex. These are just a few of the factors of indias population crisis.

India's Population

The cause of India's poverty is created primarily by the over population. The graph shows us how dense the poverty is over such a small area.

What problems are associated with the population growth?The biggest problem associated with such a high population, is the poverty. India’ s poverty rate is 27.3%, when i say 27.3% suffers form poverty, this means 354 900 000 of the population lives below the standards of the poverty line. India is home to 63% of the World's slum dwellers, there are over 30 slums in India spread throughout the nation. These slums have only a fraction of food, unhygienic water, and houses made out of our rubbish. This is no way to live. Another major affect for India is the air pollution, i myself have suffered from the air pollution, after 3 days in Dehli i had sore lungs and black snot, this is not healthy, the indian citizens from day ones of their lives grow immune to these conditions, which is not normal for human beings, the air pollution can have drastic affects, such as lung cancer and more deadly deceases, unfortunately its not only health problems its also environmental problems, the air is killing the plants and its surroundings. The acidic air is also seeping into the water and making it very dangerous to drink, and this leads to more deaths. Indias overpopulation is not only affecting themselves but the environment we live in, this needs to stop.

To conclude, India’s ever lasting population, has been caused by many things, it has affected the nation substantially, the entire country rich or poor is affected. Unfortunately this crisis has not been recognised in the past, but over the last few years recognition is rising and the calamity is seeing improvements, hopefully we will all see a brighter future for such a wonderful country.

India’s population has been rising drastically by 1.3% every year, and is continuing to swell. This may not seem like much but India’s population today is over 1.3 billion. That is 16 900 000, new citizens every year. According to ABC News, India currently faces approximately “… 33 births a minute, 2,000 an hour, 48,000 a day, which calculates to nearly 12 million a year”. This astounding number of people in a small space of 2,973,190.0, leads to a high poverty rate which then creates a domino effect on the nation, which then laps around to leading to a higher citizen rate. In the following report i will be outlining the Factors of India’s population, what problems are caused by its population, what measures are being taken about the population, and to conclude what the future holds for such a culturally rich nation, with such broad heritage.

What does the future hold for India? India is seeing small improvements that are accumulating, to building a brighter and better future. But there is a great deal of developments that need to be taken under control. So unfortunately India has many years of starvation, poverty and shocking living conditions ahead.

What measures are being taken or should be taken?India’s government has started a campaign suggesting to all Indian citizens to start smaller families, it is not yet compulsive but we can see improvements. It is well known that India suffers from diseases like Malaria, cholera, and smallpox, and these are being taken under control with a five year plan, over the last three years of this plan India has seen substansioul health improvements and the diseases are under control. The campaign concentrates on contraception, the hospitals and medical facilities are offering sterilisation-vasectomy for the men and tubectomy for the women, the surgeries disable the sexual organs to produce children, and give the couples the opertunity to avoid having to worry about pregnancies. More and more couples are starting to do this, after being married and having three of four kids. These refinements are building a better future, and the nation can look forward to seeing it fold out.


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