[2015] Kayla Rizzo: India's Independence

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[2015] Kayla Rizzo: India's Independence

Indian National CongressWestern- educated Indian professionals, 75% Hindu, 2% Muslim


India began as the crownjewel of the British Empire. That didn't last.

The Salt March was a march Ghandi led on the seashore, picking up natural salt that was needed by many people. Salt was heavily taxed in India.

India began as a British Colony. However, the British didn't follow the religious guidlines of the Muslim and Hindu soldiers they enlisted. They made them work with beef and pork, two foods they couldn't eat. The lack of tolerance by the British resulted in the Sepoy Mutiny, where the Sepoys (Indian trained and led soldiers) revolted against their officers.

UNDERSTAND MUSLIM VS HINDUBengal was split into two provinces in 1905. The Hindus were angered, as they saw this as an attempt to lessen Hindu power. The Muslim majority upset the Hindus as well. They said Bengal was a Hindu land. The Muslims found this unsettling, because they approved of Bengal's split. In 1912, Bengal was reunited. Of course, this created tensions between the two religions.

During WWI, British-Indian soldiers rushed to aid the British on the battlefield. India also gave money to the war effort. By the end of the war, 1.3 million Indians served on every major front. Britain promised India politcal changes after the war, which led to the alliance of the Muslims and Hindus for the war. However, they lied. Little change actually occured.

MUSLIM LEAGUECreated in 1906, the main goal was to restore balance in the Hindu-dominate Indian National Congress

AMRITSAR MASSACREIn 1919, about 10,000 men, women and children gathered in a walled square. Britain soldiers lined up and shots fired. At the end, 400 Indians were dead, and another 1,000 were wounded.


Mohandas Ghandi was an educated Nationalist, who believed that India should be free from European rule. He was the leader of peaceful protests and hungerstrikes in India, hoping to persuade a new government. believed non-violent ways were the only ways.However, whenhe became successful and India was partitioned, India was full of violence. The partition occured, and thousands of Muslimsin India were forced to move to Pakistan, and Indians in Pakistan were forced to move to India.This created tensions and violence inboth countries.

Indian Independence Act : This partitioned India into India for the Hindus, and Pakistan for the Muslims.

The Homespun Movement was a protest started by Ghandi against British cloth. He suggested everyone made their own, homespun cloth.


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