Indian Wars

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Indian Wars

Location: Northern Wyoming and Southern MontanaInvolved groups: Sioux, Cheyenne and U.S. ArmyEvents: The government had set aside land for the tribes and stated no settlers could go there but when gold was found a rush of settlers entered. While starting an attack on the tribes, Grant attacked Sioux in unceded land and eventually gave them an ultimatum.Effects: Led to the offical annexation of Sioux lad and permanently established Indian reservations

Location: South DakotaInvolved groups:Sioux and U.S. Army Events: The Native Americans fled when Sitting Bull was killed but surrendered when the U.S. Army caught up with the. A gun discharged and led to a virtual massacre of the surrendered people. Effect: Considered to be the end of the Indian Wars and the end of the Ghost Dance religion.

Indian Wars



Location: Spread throughout the tribesInvolved groups: Paiute traditionEvents: It was a tradition from the Paiute tribe that claimed would bring about the renewal of native society and the decline of the whites. The dance spread throughout the tribes and was changed. The Lakota developed a militaristic approach and made "ghost shirts" which were thought to protect them from bullets. The U.S. Army was sent to take control. Most stopped the dance when the ghost shirts didn't work.Effect: Reformed Treaties with the the Indians but caused more outrage with the Medals of Honor.

Location: TexasInvolved groups: Comanche, Kiowa, Southern Cheyenne, Arapaho and the U.S. ArmyEvents: The tribes had moved onto the reserves but provisions like food were not accounted for and their may source of life buffalo were being hunted. The tribes that had relocated attacked a small buffalo camp.

Location: MontanaInvolved groups: Sioux, Arapho and Cheyenne,U.S. ArmyEvents: Gold was found in Montana which led to a rush of settlers through land that had been set aside for the tribes. Protesting this with violent actions got the U.S. army involved and set up out posts all along the trail. This was protested by the Tribes in the region for two years and led to many other battles within this war.

Red River War

Red Clouds War

Effects: This War resulted in a crushing defeat for the Indians and the U.S. Army made quick work to subdue all the tribes in the Southern Plains. Some tribes fought back but the tribes eventually surrendered due to a lack of supplies.

Effects: Although the War consisted of many small scale battles the largest action in the war caused the worst military defeat the U.S. suffered on the Great Plains until the Battle of the Little Bighorn.



Black Hills War


Dec 9, 1890

Ghost Dance War

Wounded Knee Massacre

Location: Colorado TerritoryInvolved groups: U.S. Army, Cheyenne and ArapahoEvents: A militia within the area attacked the two peaceful tribes. When a Cheyenne made to approach the milita to show peaceful intents they were killed which led to the retalation of the Cheyenne. Effect: This attack weaked the traditional Cheyenne clan system and authority and was weakened further by the emergency of another group from the original clan

Cheyenne War of 1864


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