Indian Removal

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Indian Removal

1) Total Indian removal was the purpose of the Treaty of Cherokee Agency.2) There were issues about whether Indians could block white expansion into their millions of acres3)The government provided financial aid for the Indians to move

Question 2It is important to think about political policies because more often than not, they are unfair to someone. The Indian Removal Act can be seen as obviously wrong in modern day, but it is important to analyze the decisions being made now and how they impact every person in the country. The Indian Removal act was completely lawful, yet was one of the most terrifying and horrible things our politicans has done.

Question 1Walking the Trail of Tears would have been terrifying and maddening. It would have been long and difficult, having to leave behind your entire life and land that you love. I would have been angry and scared for what the future holds, as my life would not have been permanent anymore.

Indian RemovalLily Walden


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