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Indian Python

Ved Bhagat

Indian Python

Python Molorus

Physical Descriptions:•Second largest species of python•Average length: 10ft.•Scale color: straw-yellow, brown, sometimes reddish tinge•Dark patterns on skin differ as to geographic location•Large and heavy bodied

Unique Adaptations:•Kill prey through a series of constirictions•dislocates jaw & stretches elastic skin to swallow prey whole •drinks water by 'pumping' it into their throats•use peristaltic movements in jaw to suck/lap water•Jacobson's Organ (located inside snake's mouth) enables snake to detect thermal emanations of small mammals•highly developed sense of small•heat pits within each scale along the upper lip which sense warmth of prey

Trophic Level•Eats: small mammals, rats, birds, and proportionally sized lizards•Also may eat domestic animals (pigs, chicken, etc.)•Indian Python is a carnivore•Is a predator and prey•Mongoose is the most common natural predator of the Indian Python

Environment•Moist humid forests•Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indian, Indonesia, Laos, Mayanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam•Habitat: edges of pools, swamps, riverbanks, sometimes grasslands between woods & cultivated land• Biotic Factors: othermammals, larger birds, prey, predators•Abiotic Facotrs: Monsoon season, fruit trees (prey are lured to the fallen fruit, easy ambush for python)

Causes for Endargerement•loss of natural habitat•some Asian Cultures hunt snakes for food and medicine•widespread commerce for its skin•growing human population in southern and southeast asia has forced civilization to take some the Indian Python's natural habitat•Advanced farming technology converts the Indian Python's scrub land into farmland

Protection•International treaties regulate trade of python skins•Still found in most parts of its historic range•IUCN Red List: Near threatened


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