indian pefowl

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indian pefowl

Did you know that a peacock communicates to a other peacock for help?


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the peacock has eyes on the side of their headsto see all around.The long tail of an adult male is called a TRAIN. It's tail can grow to be up to 6 feet long.

They live in India, Pakistan, Srilanka, parts of Asia and Africa. Their habitat is in forests and rain forests.

Most people call all of them Peacocks but only the males are peacocks. The females are called peahens and all of them are called peafowls.

The peafowls eat grain, insects, small reptiles and mammals, berries, figs, leaves, seeds and flower parts.

Adaptation: The indian peacock has the brighest feathers and the peahen's feathers is brown. The male needs his bright feathers to attract a mate.

Peafowls are the largest of all birds that fly.

The ocean flooded their land so their featherd tails turned into fins. for food they changed to fish shrimp and algea.


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