Indian Ocean Tsunami

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Indian Ocean Tsunami

2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

Why is it considered to be the most devisting disaster in this category?

where and when did this disaster occur?

What are the long term effects of the natural disaster?



Where and when did the disaster occur?- Where did the tsunami happen? and WHERE did the Indian ocean tsunami happen?-Yahoo Answers-Tsunami 2004- Universe todayWhy is it consider to be the most devisting disaster in this category?-Effect of the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake and Indian ocean tsunami in Aceh province-Effect of th 2004 Indian ocean earthquake on Indonesia-Wikipedia-How many people were left homeless in the 2004 indian ocean tsunami?-Yahoo answers-Tsunami death toll update-Wikinews,the free news sourseWhat are the long-tem effects of the natural disaster?-Wht were the short and long term effects of the 2004 tsunami?-Indonesia: Short-and long-term tsunami recovery

Did you know the Indian ocean Tsunami was called by many names.-The Boxing day tsunami-Asian tsunami-Christmas tsunamiResourse:2004 earthquake and tsunami-Wikipedia

After the devistating tsunami, there was a major loss of tourism and reconstruction such as buildings,propertys,roads, beach and many more.Many people were injured and the thousands of death cused the suffering of family members and friends. Almost everyone who were affected by the tsunami were scared and others were going crazy and comitting suicide. Also many habitats were destroyed and many species population were reduced so the food had to be stocked up again.

The Indian ocean tsunami had a wave range of 4 to 39m high. The tsunami ripped and tore everything in its path, from bridges to roads and buildings. Leaving more then 80k buildings, roads, bridges damaged or collapsed and 250+ beaches destroyed. During the event,buildings and homes were simply swept out and into the water or back inland. In total the deaths were more then 230,000, 108,221 missing and more then 1m people left homeless.

On Decmber 26, 2004 one of the most devistating tsunami affected 14 countries with the epicentre off west coast Sumatra,Indonesia. The countries affected by the tsunami are India,Burma,Bangladesh,Thailand,Somalia,Sri Lanka,Malasia,Indonesia,Andaman and Nicobar Island,Maldives,Kenya,Seychelles and Tanzania.

Did you know?The earthquake that caused the tsunami was rated in between 2 to 6 deadliest earthquake.resourse: The 10 deadliest earthquake in history-World news

Did you know? The Indian Ocean tsunami was the worlds deadliest tsunami.resourse: The deadliest tsunami in history?-national geographic


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