Indian Culture

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Indian Culture

Indian Culture

Indian culture has been here for 5,000 years and many people described it as "Sa Prathama Sanskrati Vishvavara." It is known as the first and supreme culture in the world. In India, there are different regions that has their own distinct culture because India is a very mixed country.

Indian's art were based mostly on drama, singing, and dancing in their religion. They're will be singing/dancing together as couples or groups or dance with a family. They dance in their culture clothing.In America, there many talents in the world. There will be ballerinas, hip-hop, breakdance, etc. They don't dance in their culture clothes like the Indians. They dance in their own clothes of what they wear everyday.

The main food that the Indians eat is lamb and chicken. In most of their dishes they use curries and spices to get the rich flavor of their food. They eat their food with their fingers and bread because it's their utensils. If they're on a diet, the main ingredients that they would use is wheat, basmati rice and pulses with chana (Bengal gram).The top food in America is Thanksgiving Dinner because that's when everyone gets to eat their favorite food that they made and eat as a family. The main food in Thanksgiving is turkey.


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