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Social Studies

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IndiaPopulation: 1,2 billion Capital: New Delhi

A novel about the consequences of living between two cultures and not belonging in any of them. The main character - Karim - tells us about his childhood and youth in the Southern London suburbia - about how he never really fitted in.He also tells us the story of how his father’s life started in Indian wealth and how it now is a life in the British middle class with nothing but people looking down on him - because he is Indian.

The Indian caste systemThe caste system is a process of placing people in occupational groups. This is only in Hinduism not in any other religion in India. The caste system dictates both occupations and social interactions. Nowadays it’s ranked in hierarchical order, originally it was up to your personality and not how you were born, but that has changed throughout time. You can’t move between castes and marriages across castes are rare. There are four main groups:- Brahmin: Teaching -Kshatriya: All forms of public services- Vaishya: Businessmen- Shudra: Semi-skilled and unskilled labores

- India is the worlds largest democracy, with 1,2 billion people.- The Hindu calender has 6 seasons instead of 4.- It's illegal to take Indian currency out of the country.- India has the lowest meat consuption per person.- India has more mobile phones than toilets.- Sex toys are illegal in India.

79,8% - Hinduism14,2% - Islam2,3% - Christianity1,7% - Sikhism0,7% - Buddhism0,4% - Jainism0,9% - Other



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