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Social Studies

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Myths and Customs from India

Strange CustomOne very strange custom of India is throwing babies off a 50ft. tower, but there is men at the bottom with lots of cotton sheets to catch the baby! This custom is preformed to make the child luckier, smarter, and healthier.

The Tiger's Story (continued)Brother Tiger and Brother Man fought over the women so much that Durga sent them far away from each other. The peace was gone, and now if man leaves tiger alone, tiger leaves man alone.

The Tiger's StoryWhen Durga, the mother goddess, created the world, she decided to put creatures in it. She gave birth to Brother Man and Brother Tiger. They were peaceful with each other until Durga created women.

DurgaThe Mother Goddess in their culture, she has 8 arms, rides a tiger, and killed the demon who was trying to destroy the world. She was also called Durgatinashini which means "The One who Eliminates Suffering".

Painting of Durga

Special Hymn to Durga

Small figurine of Durga

Roar! I am a species of tiger from India A.K.A the Bengal Tiger!

There is less than 2,000 Bengal tigers left in the wild.