Independent Reading Workshop in Content Areas

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Independent Reading Workshop in Content Areas

Independent reading Workshop in Content Areas

Andrea Deluque & Andrew ForestieriCuin 3347 Dr. Lee Mountain

*Meeting with students one on one to find out about students learning needs and their achievements.

*Key for content & effective classroom managment.* Focus on imporant ideas or stratgies* Divide into 3 categories 1. The rules & procedure 2. reading & thinking strategies 3. lesson on course content

Mini Lesson

*Make learning come alive * Make students respond, ask questions, and connect what they have learned to their own reading.

Record observations of students' reading and understanding

Reader Choice

Make Students Share & present




Check Table for Reading selections!

Teachers give the range or selection centered on the topic. important factor is to give students options!

Read and/or Write

Discuss as a class or with partners


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