Independent Probability

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Independent Probability

Independent Probability : the outcome of one situation that does not affect the outcome of a following situation.

Independent Probability

Solved Problems


How to solve:

1. Identify the total number of objects. 2. Identify the quantity for each different type of object. (A and B)3. Find whether the question does ask or does not ask for replacement. 4. Use formula to get probability. 5. If there are multiple events, multiply them to get final probability.

Real Life Use/Example:

Real Life Use/Example:

Real Life Use/Example:


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A coin is tossed and a 6-sided die is rolle. Find the probility of landing on the heads side of the coin and rolling a three in the die.

A card is chosen from a deck of cards. It is then replaced and another card is chosen. What is the probability of choosing a jack and then an eight?

You entered a raffle in which 982 tickets were sold. The prices were 1 house, 3 cars and 7 iPads. The winners from each item were allowed to participate in the raffle of the other items. What is your probability of getting the three prizes?

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