Indefinite Pronouns and Reflexive Pronouns

by shetter
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Indefinite Pronouns and Reflexive Pronouns

Indefinite Pronouns

Reflexive Pronouns

These pronouns aren't really sure which noun is their antecedent... but they know some noun is it! We call them indefinite because they don't definitely know. (Sounds silly, right?)

These pronouns do know what their antecedent is... and they point right back to it! (Think about a mirror reflecting your image right back at you.) That's what reflexive pronouns do... they reflect on the noun to make it more important than it would be alone.

Here are some examples:I would not feel comfortable going by myself.He drove himself to the game.She wondered to herself, "What kind of dog is that?"We baked the cookies all by ourselves.

Here are some examples:Somebody stepped on my foot!Does anybody know what time the game starts?



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