Inclusive Education

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Inclusive Education

Who?All teachers, support staff, school administration, parents and students at the school.

Inclusive education ensures that all students including those with developmental and physical disabilities are welcomed into schools of their choice. Success is acheived with appropriate supports within a regular classroom setting and school setting. Inclusion is maintained throughout the school community and all activities available to students.

No Excuses!

The possibilities are endless when children with disabilities are provided with the same opportunies that are afforded to all children. Maintaining a normative pathway for those with disabilities allows for an inclusive life.

Inclusive Education

Inclusion is ...

Rationale for Inclusion

-there is an absence of social relationships that support normative opportunities-segregated education limits the development of personal identity-isolating those with disabilities marginalizes them further and increases vulnerability to abuse-goals and expectations are diminished

Without Inclusion

An inclusive classroom does not create a fully inclusive life for children with disabilities. All aspects of the school community need to be inclusive to support success.

-we can see the person beyond the disability-children and adults with disabilities are seen as fully human-inclusion in society provides normative pathways-valuation instead of marginalization-identities are developed rather than assigned

Benefits of Inclusion

Don't Limit Me//


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