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ReligionThe Incas believed in many deities. The most important ones were the gods and goddesses of the sun, the moon, corn, lightning and the gods of rainbows. The Incas also worshiped there leader because he was supposed to be descended from the gods. Each clan also had its own local deities. These gods were given part of the crop. The most important religious event each year was the corn festival. The Sapa Inca was to plant the first to plant corn each year.

GovernmentThe Incas added to their empire by taking over their neighbors. They had kept there power through a tight system of control. The leaders of the conquered countries became part of the Incan government. After taking over a country, an Incan princess was married to the countries chief. They then trained some of the chief’s family as administrators for the empire.

HomesThe might have been farming people but they had big cities too. These cities had a large plaza were the merchants sold there items. Vary important buildings surrounded the plaza. The cities were very well planned out that the streets were in a grid. The Incas lived in simple homes. Those who lived in the mountains built there houses out of rock. Those that lived by the ocean built there’s out of adobe. The Incan fortresses were so big that it took an estimate of 20 000 people to build the walls.

EducationThe Incas had very little schooling. Most children did not attend school at all unless they showed great promise. The rest stayed at home and the parents had to teach them what they knew. Girls learned to cook and how to make cloths. Some girls were chosen to live in a type of convent. They learned to weave the finest cloths. Boys learned how to hunt and prepare the ground for crops. They learned how to make furnisher for their houses and they were also trained to be a solder.

Food/FarmingMost Incas were farmers. The people in the mountain arias grew corn, potatoes, and millet. The farmers near the ocean grew corn, cotton, and beans. The Incas were the first people in the world to plant corn. Some farmers keep llamas for meat and wool and alpacas for wool. They used vary crude farming tools like a digging stick and a chisel. The Incas increased the amount of farming they could do by making terraces in the sides of mountains and hills.

ClothingThe Incas dressed in basic clothing. They were usually made of the cotton they grew. Both men and women wore a tunic. The tunics were made by folding a triangle of cloth. The women’s tunics were longer then the men’s tunic. Men wore short pants under their tunics. Both women and men wore decorative belts. Hats were very important to the Incas. What the hat looked like could tell you what there rank in the social system was.


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