Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

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Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

Finn has been inside of Incarceron with no memories of a previous life, but comes into possession of a crystal with an emblem that is also tattooed on his arm.Claudia lives in the Realm and is the daughter of The Warden of Incarceron. She is arranged to marry Casper the new heir to the throne.


Jared - Sapient that has been not only a tutor but a brotherly and fatherly figure for Claudia.Gildas - Also a sapienti, who is in the prison and believes Finn can get out.Keiro - Is a bloodbrother to Finn and has a disdain towards halfmen.Prince Giles - Rightful heir to the throne and was to marry Claudia.Queen Sia - Step-mother of Giles and is suspected of Giles' death.John Arlex - Father of Claudia and the Warden of Incarceron, later becoming one of the many obstacles to Finn's escape.

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Incarceronby Catherine Fisher

The Realm is what is outside of Incarceron and is currently frozen in the 17th Century.

The Sapienti are the wise men from both the inside and outside of Incarceron.

Catherine Fisher was a former welsh teacher and archaeologist and is now a writer.

Finn is trapped but he believes he may have the key to Escape. Finn has been recieving bits of memory and it leads him to think he lived in the outside world before the prison, and when Claudia contacts him through the key, she claims he is a supposedly "dead" Prince.Finn decides he wants freedom and answers so he sets off.Through the help of Jared with his knowledge along with Claudia from the outside, they help guide Finn, Gildas a sapient, Keiro, and Attia towards an escape.

The only problem is that Incarceron and it's warden does not want Finn or his friends to leave. When their trials lead them to the end only one person can pass through and Keiro's secret forbids him.

Sapphique is the following book after Incarceron.


The current world was destroyed and in an attempt to recreate a utopia the previous King had Incarceron built. Incarceron now has a mind of its own and has twisted itself to become a hell-like prison. Only one person is said to have escaped. The rest of the world has been thrown into the past where technology and advancements in technology are banned.




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