[2015] Shayne Evans: Inca People

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[2015] Shayne Evans: Inca People

Facts about the Inca People

The word Inca was Quechua for "Emperor". Quechua was the language that the Inca spoke.

The weapons and tools used by the Inca included: an Ayllus, Warak'a, Quipu, Bows and Arrows, and a Macana.

The Inca's arts and crafts included Pottery, Masonry, Architecture, math, and science.

The Inca's main source of food was potatoes that they grew. They also grew other crops such as squash, sweet potatoes, and avocados. They also ate some livestock that included llamas and alpacas.

This is a thatched-roof house made of stone and mud that the Inca lived in.

Women's Role in SocietyThey cared for children, cooked, weaved, made chicha beer, worked in the fields, and cleaned.

Man's Role in SocietyThey ran the government, were soldiers, farmers, masons, metalworkers, and architects.

The Inca wore sleeveless garnments accompanied by a belt. Upper class would wear the same garnments just a softer material with brighter colors. Men would sometimes where different garnments to keep in warmth.

The Inca were polytheists and believed in several gods, Inti being the most important. The Inca had priest and priestesses that would serve the gods in temples, and also act as doctors. On rare occasions they would make human sacrafices.

Inca symbol

Map of the Inca Empire stretching 2,500 miles.


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