Inca Civilization

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Inca Civilization

Inca Civilization

In the incan language, Quechua, their empire was known as Tawantinsuyu. This means "land of the four quarters." The empire and all four of the quarters which it was divided into met at the Incan capital Cuzco, Peru in South America

The Inca Civilization started in 1438

When Pachacuti became emperor Cusco was only a city where Inca lived. But Pachacuti reorganized the kingdom of Cuzco into an empire, Pachacuti is also known to be the creator of Machu Picchu

The belief system of the Incas was polytheistic, This ment that they worshiped the Elements. The Incans also used Divination involving a soothsayers talking with spirits often through the influence of hallucinogenic snuff to provide a trance like state and gain the ability to communicate with the other world.

Most of the peasant men worked as farmers. The women worked hard at the home during the day. They cooked, made clothes, and took care of the children. Most girls were married by the time they were twelve years old.

The spanish conquest, they brough dieases that killed hundreds almost every day. Cilvil War.

The Incas were the first people to tame wild animals in the Americas. They domesticated the Alpaca and Llama for their wool.


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