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Social Studies
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In with the new

Then and NowGansters in the twenties wore suits and fedoras, they participated or even organized masacres just to get their booze(alcohol). Today's gangsters walk around in baggy clothing that sags , wearing too big shirt, they partipate in shootouts.

All that JazzThe 1920's was a time for jazz to become a part of people's lives. African Americans brought the Music from Southern states such as Louisiana and brought them to More Northern states such as Massachuetts.

Shorter is better Flappers used the shorter is better motto to inspire their outfits for a decade. Flappers were women who wore shorter dresses that revealed her neck and throat (sometime more). She would roll her silk stockings to just below her knee. Most flappers also wore high heels. A flapper would have short hair, she liked to dance, but fads like Marathon dancing was not for her. She smoked, she drank, and she was basically the rebel of her time. She was between the ages of 16 and 25. She got boys to go crazy and frustrated most adults. Adults thought she was a disobedient hooligan who was capable of so much more than what she was doing but she didn't care. All-in-all flappers were a very unique, rebellious group of young women ready to start a revolution of clothing.

The Silly Things We Do For PraiseFads such as pole sittting were very popular durning the 1920's. POle sitting was more of a masculan thing to do, so some women turned to the Mah-Jongg board to help satisfy their crave for a craze to follow.

Dead And GoneAfter WWI, many writers felt out of place in America because books were not as important to them. This caused many writers to leave America and try to sell books in Europe. America was losing some of their best writers because of a need fror expensive objects instead of knowledge bearing books.


Driving Into the NewThe Model T was built in 1914. Henry Ford was the owner of the company and inventor of the car. He made it affordable so one of his workers could drive it.

The Hearts Of The LostThe Saint Valentine's Massacre was organized by Al Capone. He had hoped to kill Bugs Moran, a fellow gangster, he failed.

Secret BarsSpeakeasies were secret bars hidden behind a store. Many of those who operated on payed off the policein order to prevent arrest for themselves or hti er customers.

Great Ads, Better SalesMost of the advertisments in the 1920's were colorful and had an atractive puchline. They used different things to get attention. In the advertisment on the right they show the advertised item, other times they use people.


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