In vitro fertilization

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In vitro fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization

How It Works

o Hormones are injected so the female can produce multiple eggs each month instead of just one. She will then be tested to see if she is ready for egg retrieval.o Prior to the process, she will be given medication to ripen the eggs that are developing and to start the process of ovulation. o Eggs must be retrieved before they appear from the follicles of the ovaries. The timing is important or else the eggs won’t develop.o This procedure takes up from 30 minutes to an hour.o One cycle of IVF takes up around four to six weeks to complete.

o The doctor, using an ultrasound, will locate the follicles and remove the eggs with a hallow needle. o The females eggs is mixed with her partners sperm in a laboratory. It is kept in the clinic and examined to make sure that it grows. The patient has to wait until the embryo reaches to a blastocyst stage. o When the embryo’s are ready, they are put back into the uterus. A flexible tube, a catheter through either the vagina and cervix and then into the uterus.

o Helps infertile families/couples have a baby (if the female has blocked or damaged fallopian tubes).o If trying other ways of conceiving, through other fertilization ways, have failed, IVF can be another alternative

o Can result in multiple births, this is more likely since clinics and doctors usually transfers more than one embryo into the womb so that the success rate would be higher, can increase health risks for the mother and the babies.o IVF treatment is very expensive and couples may have to go through multiple cycles/attempts due to the low success rate. Adds towards the cost each time. o Side affects from fertility drugs can include headaches and nausea.oFertility medications can cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).o Pain from the drugs and hormone that is added to the body.o Side effects may occur.

In vitro fertilization, an assisted reproductive technology (ART), is the practice of stimulating the ovaries using hormonal medications and producing a baby outside the body. When the eggs are removed from the ovaries of a female, they are then mixed with the sperm of a male. Fertilization then takes place on a glass dish in a lab. The Latin word “in vitro” means “in glass.”

What is IVF?


By Karin Ning

Side Effects


*IVF should not be the first treatment to go to. People should attempt IVF only after other methods like fertility drugs or artificial insemination has failed.*

Advantages and Disadvantages


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