In Vitro Fertilization pt 2

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In Vitro Fertilization pt 2



o Can be very pricey but it also varies depending on where you live. o Depends on the numbers of IVF cycles you may go through. o Depends on what specific medicine you may take and what they are.o Depends on the amount your insurance company is willing to pay and if they even do pay. Not all insurance companies cover the cost of IVF.

According to current research, I recommend that IVF is a good alternative for couples who are wanting to conceive. Although, it is a very thorough process, the cost for IVF is quite high and many families may not have the money to go through this. The reason why I recommend this process is because many provinces in Canada are currently starting to offer to pay for IVF- but patients would still have to cover the cost of the expensive drugs that will be needed. For Ontario, this new coverage will be put into effect this December 2015 at a cost of $50 million dollars a year to taxpayers.With that much money, we can help over 4000 women under the age of 43 and provide them at least one cycle of IVF. This will save many parents from an ever bigger debt. If we focus on this field, it might be possible for us to find an even cheaper and more efficient way in the near future. Helping so many citizens that are part of our community is not something we should miss out from.

o Headaches o Mood swingso Abdominal pain o Bloatingo Hot flashes o Nausea or vomitingo Shortness of breath o Faintnesso Severe stomach pains o Mild crampingo Constipation o Breast tendernesso Decreased urinal frequency

o Low sperm countso Problems with the uterus or fallopian tubeso Problems with ovulation o Antibody issues that harms the sperm or eggso Unexplainable fertility problem

What causes infertility that IVF can treat:

Side Effects

If you experience any heavy vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, blood in urine, or have a fever over 100°F, you should consult a doctor immediately since they are not natural side affects!

o Egg retrieval brings the risks of bleeding, infection, and damage to the bowel or bladder.o The chances of multiple pregnancies is higher, which means there's a risk of premature birth and low birth weight.o A woman’s age is an important factor when wanting to conceive through unnatural ways. A woman under the age of 35 has a higher chance of producing compared to a woman over the age of 35. However, the success rate has been starting to increase in every age group as doctors are becoming more experienced and better techniques are being found.


Couples who go through IVF are often looked down at due to the fact that their child was not conceived through the traditional way. In certain religions like Christianity, any babies that are born through unnatural means are not considered to be legitimate. The church would not consider the baby as an actual human being.


The future of the frozen embryo can also cause a disagreement factor. People would often fight over who has the disposition over it and can reflect how abortion rights are considered. Looking at how society is nowadays, the issue with disposing the frozen embryo is critical and can cause an uproar.

A legal implication would be who the baby would belong to. It is possible to use one woman’s egg and fertilize it and put it into another woman because the woman can’t get pregnant.

The emotional and physical stress throughout this entire process can also strain marriage. Some people may think that after having a child, it can fix marital issues.


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