In the World of English Literature

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In the World of English Literature


1. To study some pieces of English literature containing animals as main characters.2. To compare different types of animal characters and their personal traits in Russian and English culture.

We encounter animals as main characters first in the books we read as children. Even some of the most sophisticated modern authors make animals the subjects of their works. Many of these animals resemble human beings and reflect human fears and desires. They have their moods, personalities and emotions just like we do. They are in many ways “caricature humans” in the animal form, being recognizingly human in their behavior. They speak, and act as we do; or as we hope we do; or sometimes, as we hope we don’t. In literary terms this is known as “anthropomorphism”: attributing human characteristics to non-human subjects.Woven into the fabric of our earliest folktales and nursery rhymes are the assumptions that wolves are dangerous, foxes are clever, and ants are industrious. Is the assignment of human characteristics to animals universal or culture specific? In our research we will try to identify specific recurring patterns in some animal characters as well as distinct personality traits attributed to these creatures.

In the world of English Literature. Fictional animals .(project)

Problem Questions

Fictional Foxes

Is The Big Bad Wolf bad everywhere?Is The Fox always cunning?Is The Rabbit a coward?Is the Pig smart and Tidy?

Fictional Rabbits

Fictional Wolves

Fictional Pigs


Authors:Team "Starkids", Rovnoe, Saratov Region

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