In the Time of the Butterflies

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In the Time of the Butterflies

DedeShe is the second oldest sister. She is the sister who didn’t really want anything to do with the revolution. She is significant in the story because she is the one who tried to stop the girls, but at the same time she was supportive.

Maria TeresaShe is the youngest sister, also known as Mate. She joins “the struggle” after she moves in with Minerva and learns of the revolution. She grows in the book from being a shy, sweet little girl to being a hero who eventually helped end the ruling of Trujillo.

MinervaShe is the third sister. She is the one who found out about Trujillo first from her friend Sinita. Minerva is very rebellious and will do anything she can to get her way. She is very outspoken. She is significant to the story because she is the first sister to get involved with the overthrowing of Trujillo, and she was also the most active one in the group.

PatriaShe is the oldest sister. She’s very religious. At the beginning of the book, she was very religious and faithful, but when she has a miscarriage, she starts to lose her faith. At first, she admired Trujillo until she found out about his secrets. She had an active role in the revolution.

TrujilloTrujillo is the President of the Dominican Republic. He was a horrible leader and anybody who found out about his “secrets” were punished. The Mirabal sisters worked to overthrow him. In the beginning of the book, the girls thought very highly of him. After they learned his secrets and the word started to get around, he became a cruel man that everybody wanted gone. He was assassinated six months after the death of the Butterflies.

by Julia Alvarez

In the Time of the Butterflies


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