In The Middle

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by EverettAustin
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In The Middle

An Exciting Time in Life Middle school is a vital time in the human life where kids figure out vital social skills. You are growing faster than any other time in your life, that can be stressful and confusing. I know I have been there. The best advice I can give you is to just enjoy the time you have here because it will not last very long. High school is just around the corner and I am here to make sure you are ready.

1) I fell in love with a girl... It didnt last...2) I rocked the trumpet, not as much as this guy tho.3) I wanted to be different...that was not a good decision.4) Who doesn't like Mario?

Video Games

Going through "phases"

First "serious" relationship

School Band

You Were a Middle Schooler?

Mr. Gaither

On How To Be:

"In the Middle..."

I Was There



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