In State tuition for illegal immigrants

by Kypelton
Last updated 5 years ago

Social Studies

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In State tuition for illegal immigrants

States that allow illegal immigrant tuition:California Colorado Connecticut Illinois KansasMaryland MinnesotaNebraska New Mexico New York OklahomaOregon TexasUtah Washington

In-state tuition for illegal immigrants

Every spot taken in colleges by illegals is one less for law abiding americans!

In state Immigrants Take money away from american college funds!

We believe The idea of in-state tuition for illegal immigrants is unfair for americans. Our country is full of kids trying to get into college. Every spot that an illegal takes in colleges is one less place for law abiding citizens. Once these immigrants graduate there is also the possibility that they take american jobs as well.

36% of U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants are college graduates.

Texas awarded about $33.6 million in state tuition to immigrants.



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