In Search for True Knowledge and Wisdom,(Assignment),English

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In Search for True Knowledge and Wisdom,(Assignment),English

Take notes from each 11 sections of your reading:Placing interesting/important information in quotes, followed by the page numberEx: Philosophers "developed the theory of the atom, studied celestial movements and sought universal principles of ethical behavior" (12).Follow each fact with your personal commentary: what you personally think, feel, connect to...Ex: One's curiosity, desire, and search for wisdom are the keys to discovery. Without great thinkers of all types, we would be lost.


Science and Religion: "The Great Divorce"

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1) Journal: "In formal logic, a contradiction is the signal of defeat: but the evolution of real knowledge, it marks the first step in the progress towards victory."Alfred North Whithead2)"Spirit and science are humanity's two grand approaches to The Truth. Both are searching for the truth about us and our universe; both seeking answers to the Great Questions. They are two sides to the same coin."3) Read Chapter4) Complete assignment5) Watch video



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