In Our Time: The Battler

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In Our Time: The Battler

In Our Time: The Battler(By: Earnest Hemingway)


Nick Adams

Conflict/Resolution Nick Adams runs into Ad Francis after being kicked off a train by a harmful man. When he meets Ad, it starts off well with Ad describing who he is and all of his ventures and his tough, manly nature. Than his friend Bugs comes and makes Nick some food before he goes on his way. This brings our Ad's insane side as the ex-boxer rages and is about to beat Nick, when Bugs hits Ad over the head with a stick.

SettingThe battler takes place in very dark and cold woods miles outside of a town where Nick is passing through

CharactersNick AdamsAd FrancisBugs

This was personallymy favorite chapter because of its combination of action between Ad and Bugs, room for interpretation with Nicks backround, and backstory of Ad and Bugs adventures.

My Thoughts

ThemeRoughness/MasculinatyAnd Man's man mentality -Ad Francis's boxing career, his wife leaving him, his mutaliated face all show gruesome facts of masculinity, that can make a man insane, as it did for Ad, describing his "battle" through life. Along with the growth of Nick into a tough man.

As one of my favorite chapters in, "In Our Time". I would rate The Battler a 4.5 out of 5

Ad Francis is a insane man who used to be a famous fighter. Nick meets him and finds out about his past career because of his mutilated face, then Ad tries to beat Nick

Ad Francis

Nick is the main character who is kicked off the train and then meets up with Ad Francis, who seems alright until he tries to hurt Nick. then Nick realizes the things that Ad has been through.

Bugs is Ad Francis's caretaker, in a way. He watches over Ad, but whenever Ad gets mad and tries to hurt someone, Bugs will knock him out. However, Bugs takes Ad's money.



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