In Or Out of the Constitution

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In Or Out of the Constitution

In or Out of the Constitution


Native Americans

African Americans

African Americans were left out of the Constitution altogether. The only mention of the race was in the part about the amount of Representatives per state, slaves were counted as 3/5th of a person. This was of counting in a census was very unethical because it dehumanizes people. The only reason they were counted at all was for the benefit of the Southern states because they needed more people to have more representatives in the House. African Americans, slaves or free people needed the same rights as everyone else.

Women were not given rights in the Constitition, Abigail Adams had an debatable corespondence with her husband, John Adams. She explains the importance of women's rights. She calls the male gender tyranical and the need for men to value women more. John Adams replies rudely to her comments, she does try to convince him but he can't be moved in his decision, Abigail was about 100 years early on her reform for women but the time would come when women got at least similiar rights. The need of gender equality is clear.

Native American were not considered US citizens unless they paid taxes to the government, none of the benefits of the Constitution applied. There were many treaties made with the Native Americans before and after the independence from Britian. These treaties had to be taken into account when the Constitution was being written. They "Founding Fathers" saw that when states and individual people tried to take land there were problems so the power of trade with the Native Americans was given to the government.


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