In Cold Blood

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In Cold Blood

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Reccomendation:I would most definitely reccomend this book to a friend. It is not only depicts the case accurately and literally, but it is haunting and shows the true brutality and viciousness the crime.

Victims: Herb Clutter, Bonnie Clutter, Nacy Clutter, and Kenyon Clutter. Murderers: Perry Smith and Richard (Dick) Hickock.Herb was a humble, hardworking farmer, Bonnie was a little kind and gentle, despite her "mental spells". Nancy and Kenyon were both honest, hardworking teens, who shone in their community. A few other important characters: Bobby Rupp (Nancy's boyfriend), Alvin Dewey (an angent who investigates the murders), Floyd Wells (a man who knows who the murderers are, and gives the authorities his information).

The murder of the Clutters took place in Holcomb, Kansas, but the two murderers traveled to and fro. Some of the places they were in were Mexico, Iowa, and Garden City.


In Cold Blood was written in was published in 1965, after Truman had spent four years collecting details and information about the crime. During this time, he got very close to the two murders, receiving accounts that only they could have given. The book was later turned into a movie in 1967.

Truman Capote wrote not only In Cold Blood, but also wrote Breakfast at Tiffany's, Handcarved Coffins, and A Christmas Stroy. For In Cold Blood, Capote spent for years researching and gathering details of the crime and all that went in with the Clutter tradegy.

In Cold Blood by Tuman Capote

Truman Capote

The brutal murder takes place, and sets the stage for Holcomb's panic. Since it is a small, friendly town, neighbor's turn questioningly to one another. People go sleepless, suspecting all their fellow townsfolk. Herb Clutter's family had been the most stable, well rooted family in Holcomb, and now the rest of the town is scared it could happen to them too. Whilst panic is spreading, Dick and Perry flee to Mexico, and have an issue getting along. During their flee, you get more in depth into the psyche of the murder, Perry Smith. Alvin Dewey is still working hard to get to the bottom of the Clutter murders, and gets very immersed in his work. Now, the informant, Floyd Wells, hears of the murders. After awhile of waiting, Wells informs the authorities and Dewey keeps this from the public. Soon Dewey gets a report that Hickock has been in Kansas City writing checks. When the two are finally picked up, they are in Texas, and believe that they are getting picked up for writing hot checks, seeing as they are currently out of money. When accused of murder, Dick breaks, and so does Perry once he is taken to Garden City. Perry now reveals all the details of the murder, and solves all the mysteries Dewey and the public have been try to figure out. In the trial, Perry is very focused, as is Dick but in a more casual manner. Dick is condemned as the plain, simple criminal, a murderer without mental defects other than his obvious sociopathic behaviour, while Perry is a complex man, and is seen as insane. Despte being evaluted for his mentality, both Perry and Dick recieved the death sentence and were hanged for their crime.


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