In 100 Years...

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In 100 Years...

The fashions will be based on bright monochromatic color schemes that are always complemented with white. hair colors will always match the outtfits

IN 100 YEARS...


Since humans have started inhabiting mars, the U.S government will be composed of 3/4 representation of the states and 1/4 representation of the Americans of mars. Instead of the two major political partys in presidential elections, it will be composed of a mars party and an earth party.


Everyone will wear telecomunication hats and do most things from their life there. It will be like a computer screen on their head . Sadly though, this will limit the amount of direct human via human communication.

There will be a contemporary Renassiance in which Latin and Greek will be revived and will be instituded in classes across public schools. Education will become more prominent and students will be given greater opportunities to study even after receiving an undergraduate. Schooling we be more commonly streamed online since the huge population of children and the prominent role of technology.

Since the huge population of people, they will start to build up on earth and start to inhabt mars. This will require the extended use of hovercars and spaceships. People will travel at slower speeds though due to the amount of objects that could be hit when at fast speeds.




Space cruises will become with popular destination point. With cruise ships , travel to the astroid belt or jupitor for a fun family vacation.


By Sarah Nicholls


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