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IMS Library Orientation

The Irving Library is open every day before school at 8:10 and after school until 4:00. You can also come at lunch with teacher permission.

New Displays and Contests every Month

Nonfiction books are all located in the standing shelves

A little bit about the library and Mrs. Kordeliski

Find Biographies along the front wall of the library

We have an entire wall of Graphic Novels! They are located in the back of the library next to Mrs. Kordeliski's desk

Word Junkie is the IMS bookclub and is open to all students. Word Junkie Meets face to face in the library once a month. Virtual access is available anytime through the Edmodo bookclub group You must get the join code from Mrs. Kordeliski to participate online.

Sequoyah 2015

You can always see what Mrs. Kordeliski is reading and has read this year on the wall behind her desk. I Love Book Recommendations from Students!!

Take a short video tour of the IMS library!


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