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Social Studies
World Culture

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Impressionist paintings were considered shocking and controverisal.Museums would not exhibit them.People did not care for them.The artists were not considered talented or creative.

Invention of the Camera

Art Movement of the 1870's.Wanted to capture natural light, everyday life and a moment in time.Vivid colorShorter brush strokes.

Allowed artists:To be more abstract.To be more expressive and free.To focus on a moment in time and the impression of light and color that moment can give us.

Major Players

Alfred Sisley

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Video 2

What is Impressionism?

Nay Sayers

Video 3

Claude Monet

Vincent van Gogh

Paul Cezanne

ImpressionismClaude MonetEdgar DegasAlfred SisleyCamille PissaroPost ImpressionismPaul CezanneVincent Van GoghPaul GauguinGeorge Seurat

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Edgar Degas

Georges Seurat


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