Important Battles of the Civil War

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Important Battles of the Civil War

Meades Army won. Between South and North suffered between 46,000 and 51,000 casualties. This was the turnng point during the war, and Lee army consructed no more Strategic offensives .

ShilohApril 6-7, in southwestern Tennessee. This battle was also known as the battle of pitsburg landing. This battle caused more than 23,500 men to be killed or go missing. The confederate achieved success on the first day, but lost the second day.

Important Battles of the Civil war

Fort Sumter

This was a significant battle because it was the first battle and it started everything off. It was on April 1861 at the Harbor of Charleston SC. It was not of any military importance but it was a symbol to both sides.

July 21, 1861 the first MAJOR battle at bull run. This was technically supposed to be the shortest and out an end to the civil war, but as we all know it did not. The union had 4 60 men killed, 1124 were wounded, and 1312 were captured. For the confederacy 387 were killed, 1582 were wounded, and 13 went missing. After they had been fighting for 10 hours the Union troops retreated back to Washington.

Bull Run

Battle of Gettysburg

VicksburgThis was a major battle due to the fact that it was the last major military battle of the civil war


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